Let's discover the virtual skies together

Why us? 👋

Estelar Virtual is a free, non profit, non commercial organisation,which aims to simulate the flights and operations of the real airline using Flight Simulation Software.

Reality & Fictionalism

ETRv mirrors its daily operations based on the real one world schedules, equipment and routes, but additionally giving a virtual / fictional touch.

Instant Documentation

In our system you will find the latest aircraft manuals, documentation, charts and tutorials to get an improved knowledge.

Time Saver

The CrewCenter have all the stuff needed to fly you don't need external websites. All of these are really integrated and findable in our system


All the actual and old schedules from Estelar Latinoamerica are bookables from our system. Additionally you can request a custom route to fly anywhere

Fresh look interface.

We totally overhauled our Webpage & CrewCenter, giving our pilots a fresh and modernish design to improve the UI Interaction.

Now both are accesible and optimized to all devices types

PC iPads Mobiles

Strategically Designed.

Our CrewCenter was designed thinking in a easy way to keep the things needed to fly with us at a single place.

You will find a plethora of usseful data at our CrewCenter:

Charts Aircraft Manuals Documentation Dispatch




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